The purpose of SUN is to communicate the Sun’s awesome, life-giving power in an accessible way. As an art/science collaboration, our aim is to push the boundary for interpreting and communicating data to be both spectacular and scientifically accurate. We have brought together a multi-disciplinary team, and the latest projection technologies to achieve this. Our ultimate and shared aim is to inspire the next generation of artists and scientists to look to the skies and dream.


Track SUN's movements in 2022:

APR 2022     AfricaMuseum, Brussels in collaboration with the Royal Observatory of Belgium 

JULY 2022    National Astronomy Meeting, University of Warwick

JULY 2022    Bluedot Festival, Jodrell Bank Observatory, Cheshire

SEPT 2022    INTERACT 2022, Cardiff

INTO 2023   Festival of Tomorrow, Swindon; Daresbury Science Week, Warrington; Orkney Science                              Festival