Portrait of Alex Rinsler


Alex Rinsler is a public artist and cultural producer based in London. He has presented sculptural works in cities around the world, including the world’s largest squirrel, in Almaty Kazakhstan.

Portrait of Professor Robert Walsh


Robert Walsh is professor of solar physics at the University of Central Lancashire, UK. He is a leading expert in understanding observations of our closest star and has delivered public outreach programmes to audiences across the world over the last three decades. He is a Science & Technology Facilities Council Leadership Fellow in Public Engagement and the UK National Outreach Co-ordinator for the International Astronomical Union.

Professor Robert Walsh (UCLan)



Netty Miles has been with SUN since the beginning and she loves taking the installation to new and unusual locations. She is a producer and production manager for large scale socially-engaged arts projects and live events. She facilitates the delivery of immersive experiences, from tiny detailed stories with hidden technology to huge visual effects created with fire and audience participation.



Bartosz Dylewski is a video engineer, software developer and visual artist based in Brighton. After graduating from School of Film, Television and Theatre in Lodz, Poland in 2000, he became passionate about studying and processing video signal both as a technician supporting creative industries as well as being an artist himself. Bart's role for the SUN project is to look after its bespoke projection system and smoke effects. Working with SUN has brought Bart to places he would not otherwise have visited. For example, the Daresbury Laboratory and Orkney Cathedral, the most northern cathedral in the UK.



Simon Ebo is a researcher at the University of Central Lancashire, UK. His research includes the study of pulsating stars and the discovery of new exoplanets using space-based observations. Simon is the SUN engagement coordinator and has been involved with the SUN project since the launch event in Blackpool, 2019. Simon hosts events at Alston Observatory and leads workshops at the SUN events.



Charlotte Proverbs is a solar physics PhD student at the University of Central Lancashire, UK. Her studies focus on the movements and evolutions of sunspots, and she is due to complete her PhD in 2025. Charlotte also engages in multiple outreach activites, from working with school groups as part of the SUN team, to hosting observatory tours and guided observation evenings.  Charlotte also runs the social media pages for the SUN project.

Portrait of Matt Askey


Matt Askey is a special effects designer and technician based in Bristol. He has toured the world with the Arcadia Spider as well as designed and built Special Effects for X-Factor and Back to the Future the Musical. Matt built and designed the smoke and inflation elements of SUN and formed part of the early rigging team. Matt continues to advise on adaptations with the equipment.